Well it looks like the wheel of fortune has spun again, and we have a new chart leader. The Samsung Galaxy A53 has managed to keep its place at the top of our trending chart, making it four weeks in a row. The list of the 5 top is as below.

1. Samsung Galaxy A53

2. Galaxy S22 Ultra

3. Redmi Note 11

4. Galaxy A73

5. Vivo X Note

The Samsung Galaxy A53’s domination of our trending chart continues for the 2nd month in a row, and it’s more good news for Samsung as its Galaxy S22 Ultra flagship has overtaken the Redmi Note 11 for the second spot.

As our chart is still dominated by Samsung handsets, it’s the Galaxy S22 Ultra flagship that’s rising fast. The phablet-style handset has been a commercial success for Samsung, which continues its domination of our trending chart.

Finally, the Galaxy S22 Ultra surprised a lot of people around the globe, even though most of them won’t get to hold it in their hands before the end of 2022. It has clear shortcomings, but they don’t seem to bother potential customers too much. other popular phones like the X Note or the Poco F4 GT have not been doing so well lately -not that it really means anything for their future sales- but for now both are keeping a solid spot on our trending chart.

By TheTop5

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